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Hear the battle cry, Canada.

X Warrior delivers a lifetime experience to come alive again while training for and completing a homegrown, world class Obstacle Course Race. Regain your health, passion and competitive spirit while giving back to the community.

Open to athletes of all abilities, ages and backgrounds, X Warrior invites you to test your grit through a series of unique and challenging obstacles in one of three distinct settings: stadium, arena or wilderness. X Warrior seeks to reveal one’s true human spirit through physically demanding and mentally taxing obstacles. No gimmicks here – just one challenging race.

This isn’t just a battle of strength; it is a battle of spirit. Enlist now – victory can be yours.

Multiple Race Types

As an X Warrior, you have the chance to conquer more than one course type:

  • Stadium // 5km // 20+ stadium inspired obstacles. No mud..all sweat.

  • Wilderness // 5-10+ km// 20+ unique obstacles. Hills, Dirt, Sweat & Tears.

  • Titan Multi Lap Challenges // For those that want to fulfill the voice that whispers “never stop”

  • X RUN // 5km Fun Run & Virtual Events // 10+ Penalty Zones.  More than a run. Much more.

3x Race Types to Challenge Your Every Skill


X Run

Sure, maybe you’ve tried a 5km Fun Run before… but you haven’t tried an X RUN yet! It’s your choice as to whether or not you want to enter each Penalty Zone. You’ve made it this far, so the question is…why wouldn’t  you?  The X Run is more than a run.  Much more. #NOEXCUSES



Not your average visit to the ball park. 5km course, 20+ race type specific obstacles, 85% pavement, stairs & cement.  Count on a few surprises coming your way too. The good thing is, no one has ever drowned in their own sweat…yet.



This isn’t a mud run. Obstacles are a given. Letting them defeat you is a choice. 5-10+km course, 20+ Race type specific obstacles, hills, dirt, sweat & tears. X Warriors rarely suffer from a lack of adventure.

X Warrior Sponsors

Become an X-Sponsor

There are so many moving parts to an event of this magnitude: athletes, fans, volunteers, coaches, families, media and the community. Our sponsors are the stitches that will bind the event into a cohesive and incredible experience for all of the stakeholders.  To learn more about specific sponsorship options, contact our XWarrior team!

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Free corporate team entry
  • Marketing opportunities for name recognition
  • Alignment with your company values of Community Involvement

Interested in learning more about becoming an X Warrior Sponsor?
Contact us at info@xwarriorchallenge.com.