Are you up for the NEW Titan Challenge?

The Titan Multi Lap Challenge was conceived to give participants an arena to find that outer limit – to see what can be achieved when they are set loose on a course to conquer the voice that whispers, “never stop.”

Lining-up at the start line in their Titan bibs, fuelled by blood, sweat and a thirst for victory, Titans will aim to finish as many laps as possible. Each lap completed will elevate their ranking and bring them closer to the triumphant title of Titan Colossus.


Titan Finisher Shirts 

You asked for it, you got it! This year you can wear your accomplishment with pride. Titan participants will receive an exclusive 2019 TITAN Finisher Shirt.

New Lap Awards

1 Lap Completed – Sprint Finisher Medal
3 Laps Completed – Titan Finisher Medal
4 Laps Completed – Titan Colossus Badge
5+ Laps Completed – 1 Free X Trail Entry Per Lap (2019/2020 Events)


Each lap will have it’s own time recorded this year. 🙂  We have heard you loud & clear Titans!

Age Group Awards

There will be 10 Age Group Heat award categories for both male & female competitors.

  1. Overall
  2. Age Group 14-17
  3. Age Group 18-24
  4. Age Group 25-29
  5. Age Group 30-34
  6. Age Group 35-39
  7. Age Group 40-45
  8. Age Group 46-49
  9. Age Group 50+
  10. Heavy Bag (Most Laps)

If crossing the finish line is no longer enough, the New Titan Multi Lap Challenge is for you.

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