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Charity Challenge

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Rising to the Challenge

A large part of what makes X Warrior unique is a special focus on the community & the charities within it.  Canada is known for its generosity, making it headquarters to many great organizations that focus on giving those who need it most, a helping hand.  X Warrior exists not just to inspire physical challenge and health, but to inspire life-changing behaviours.  Raising money for various local groups & charities is a critical part of that.

2019 Charitable Partners

  1. Ronald McDonald House –
  2. The Boneyard OCR Youth Group

To learn more about having your organization join the Charity Challenge, contact us today!

Run for Charity. Run for FREE

All X Warriors are encouraged & incentivized to fundraise and it’s now super easy to do with the Race Roster registration platform.

Individual Fundraising Incentives Include:

  • Raise $200….Receive FREE Entry into ANY future X Warrior Challenge Series or X Series Event!
  • Raise $300…And receive a 2019 X Warrior Hoodie!
  • Raise $500…And receive a $75 X Warrior Merchandise Credit!
  • Raise $1000 ….And receive an Entry into ANY Titan Black Ops Event!
  • Raise $2000…And receive a 1 Year X Warrior Challenge Season Pass

Charities – Join the Challenge!

To learn more about joining the 2019 Charity Challenge, contact us today!