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Charity Challenge

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Rising to the Challenge in X Warrior Cities

What truly separates the XWarrior Challenge as a new kind of obstacle race? Our support of various charities in your city. Offering amazing incentives, we encourage our XWarrior Challengers to raise money for specific charities in the city they are racing in, helping to raise the entire community. From there, we are able to show where the raised money goes…and it’s right back to your community!

A large part of what makes X Warrior unique is a special focus on the community & the charities within it.  Calgary is known for its generosity, making it headquarters to many great organizations that focus on giving those who need it most, a helping hand.  X Warrior exists not just to inspire physical challenge and health, but to inspire life-changing behaviours.  Raising money for our three named charities is a critical part of that.

Who X Warrior Supports
2017 Charitable Partners

CHARITY CHALLENGE  – Run for Charity…Run for FREE

All X Warriors are encouraged & incentified to fundraise!

Individual Fundraising Incentives Include:

Raise $250….Receive a $50 Sponsor Restaurant Gift Card

Raise $750...Receive FREE Entry into ANY future 2017 or 2018 X Warrior Challenge Event!

Raise $1000…Receive 2 FREE Entries into ANY future 2017 or 2018 X Warrior Challenge Event!

Raise $2500…Receive a 2 Year X Warrior Challenge Season Pass


1st Place Team : Champions Trophy, T Shirts for Squad & 50% Off Promo Code for all 2017 & 2018 Events

To learn more about who we partner with, or to inquiring about becoming a charity to support, contact the XWarrior team today!