Frequently Asked Questions


Upcoming Events

What time do I need to Arrive?
– We suggest arriving 60 minutes before your heat

What if I don’t like my heat time?
– Well we could tell you to suck it up like other races….but feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to make sure you are running with your pals / co workers / or against your ex spouse.

Are the events timed?
– All Endurance & Challenge Series events are timed
– The X Trail events have an optional timing system

Is there a minimum age to run the event?
– If you are under 18 you will need a virtual waiver completed by your parent/ legal guardian

Do I need to bring my ID to the event?
– As long as you have completed the Virtual Waiver ahead of time, you will not have to bring your ID. Unless of course you plan on having a celebratory beer after the event!

Are transfers allowed?
-Yes. This is allowed in the new Race Roster Registration Platform. Transfer fees & price differences will apply. Deadlines on transfer types are also in effect.

How can I Transfer to another Heat or Ticket Type?
These are allowed until 7 days prior to event date.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?
Any price differences compared to current event pricing will be automatically charged and there will be a $5-$20 fee applied (Event dependant)
These are allowed until 7 -45  days prior to event date:
X Series Transfers allowed up 7 Days prior to event date
– Challenge Series – Transfers allowed up 30 Days prior to event date
– Endurance Series – Transfers allowed up 45 Days prior to event date

Are refunds allowed?
Short answer is no, however if you do get injured or can’t make the event please get in touch with us as we do have options. These options can include deferrals to future similar events.

Where do I park?
– Parking will be available on site.  Fees are associated. Please check Race Weekend page for specific parking details.

What does Parking cost?
– Prices can range from $10  – $15

Can I bring friends to watch and hopefully buy me things for being so awesome?
– YES!  Spectators are always FREE.

Are you looking for Race Crew Volunteers for the race?
YES! Always.  You can sign up for shifts directly on the Event Registration page

What is in it for Race Crew Volunteers?
Other than being part of an amazing day/weekend, Volunteers will receive free a Race Crew Ball Cap, Lunch, & Snacks.   Any Race Crew Volunteers working a 4-6 hour shift (event dependant) will receive a free future race credit (Not Valid for Titan Heats or Endurance Events)

Can anyone earn a Battle Axe?
Yes. As long as you are determined, focused, & committed.
Click Here for more info

What are the details on awards?
If you are running Age Group or Elite we have awards for ALL Categories.
Click Here for more info

What is the Charity Challenge?
– By offering amazing incentives, we encourage anyone participating in our Challenge & Endurance Series events to raise money for specific charities / causes we are supporting, helping to raise the entire community. From there, we are able to show where the raised money goes…and it’s right back to your community!

Who is the 2019 Charitable Partners?
– The Boneyard OCR Youth Group (www.boneyardocr.com)

How do I choose a charity & start raising money?
– Once you register for the race you will have access to your very own fundraising platform directly through the Race Roster registration platform

Do I have to raise money for a charity to run an X Warrior Challenge?
– No you don’t.  But the question is, why wouldn’t you want to? 🙂

What happens if it Rains/Snows?
– Suck it up princess.  The event is going forward.  Just imagine how awesome the photos will be.

Have more questions?  No problem.
Click Here to Contact Us. We will get back to you with the answers.

What are the ages for the Kids Events?

Challenge Series
Suggested ages are as follows: Little Warriors – 4-8 / Junior Warriors 10-13

X Series
Suggested age for the 1 km Kids Fun Run is 4 and older

Can parents run with the kids?
Yes! Parents can certainly run with the little ones.
Junior Warriors are accompanied by X Warrior Ambassadors / Volunteers. Parents are welcome to join (by registering or using their Free 2nd Lap Coupon)