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What time do I need to Arrive?
– We Suggest arriving 60-90 minutes before your heat

What if I don’t like my heat time?
– Well we could tell you to suck it up like other races….but feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to make sure you are running with your pals / co workers / or against your ex spouse.

Is the race timed?
– Yes. Timing system will be in place and race results will be posted in real time.

What does my registration Fee Include?
– Race Entry, Finisher Medal, Finisher T Shirt, Finisher Wristband, Race Photos, Timing Chip, Official Post Party Entrance (When applicable), & Offers from X Warrior Partners

Is there a minimum age to run the event?
– If you are under 18 you will beed a waiver signed by your parent/ legal guardian
– Must be 14 or over to run any course 5km & Over
– Little Warrior Age Category: 4 – 8 yrs old
– Junior Warrior Age Category : 9-13 yrs old

What do I need to bring to race?
– In no particular order… Your RACE TICKET,  ID, Signed Waiver (We will be issuing waivers closer to the race), Shoes,  Costume (if thats your thing), Cash/Debit / Credit card for all the cool stuff that will be for sale and maybe a change of clothes…it’s going to get sweaty.

Where do I park?
– Parking will be available on site.  Fees are associated. Please check Race Weekend page for specific parking details.

What does Parking cost?
– Prices can range from $10  – $15

Can I bring friends to watch and hopefully buy me things for being so awesome?
– YES!  Spectators are always FREE.

Are you looking for volunteers for the race?
– YES! Always.  Please email volunteer@xwarriorchallenge.com

What is in it for Volunteers?
– Other than being part of an amazing day/weekend, Volunteers will receive a free X Warrior T Shirt, Lunch, & Snacks.   Any volunteers working a 4 hour shift will be able to run the race before/after their shift at a discounted rate.  Any volunteers working a full 8 hour shift will receive a FREE entry to a Future X Warrior Challenge Race

How can I Transfer to another Heat or Ticket Type?


How can I edit update my ticket/registration information?


How can I join/create a Team after I already registered?


Are refunds?
– Short answer is no, however if you do get injured or can’t make the event please get in touch with us as we do have options. These options cam include deferrals to future similar events.

Are transfers allowed?
– This is a hot topic. If an event is sold out we will allow transfers at no cost.  If the event is not sold out there will be a $20 transfer fee.
– We do not allow transfers less than 14 days before event dates. In all honesty, there are so many things happening at that time and as a race company we hope to capture last minute interest in remaining tickets, it’s just something we have decided not to allow. If you look at the refund policy above you will see no one is ever out any money of they cannot make an event for injuries, etc. 🙂

What happens if it Rains/Snows?
– Suck it up princess.  The event is going forward.  Just imagine how awesome the photos will be.

What is the Charity Challenge?
– By offering amazing incentives, we encourage our XWarrior Challengers to raise money for specific charities in the city they are racing in, helping to raise the entire community. From there, we are able to show where the raised money goes…and it’s right back to your community!

Who is the 2017 Charitable Partners?
– Kidsport
– The Boneyard OCR Youth Group

How do I choose a charity & start raising money?
– Once you register for the race you will be brought to the CROWDRISE fundraising platform automatically.  Click a few more buttons, and BOOM.  Fundraiser extraordinaire.

Do I have to raise money for a charity to run an X Warrior Challenge?
– No you don’t.  But the question is, why wouldn’t you want to? 🙂

Host Hotels will be announced for each City / Location!

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Have more questions?  No problem.
– Fire us an email to info@xwarriorchallenge.com  We will get back to you with the answers.