2019 Heavy Bag Lap Challenge

A new challenge has been put forth and it is not for the weak spirited. It exists to test us and separate the strong from the idle – the devoted from the uncommitted. If you want find out what you are really capable of when pushed to your physical limit, look no further. The Heavy Bag Lap is here.

This isn’t a battle of speed and agility.  Strength, grit & determination are all that’s needed.

How it Works 

  • Any adult participant that wants to complete a Heavy Bag Lap can do so by picking one up at the Heavy Bag Lap Tent near the Start Line
  • Heavy Bags must be carried for the duration of the lap
  • Heavy Bags are to be placed in assigned drop zones next to obstacles
  • Racers complete the obstacle, pick up Heavy Bag and move on.


  • Upon completion of a Heavy Bag Lap, each racer will receive a 2019 HEAVY BAG LAP Finisher Patch
  • Top 3 Titan Age Group competitors that finish the most Heavy Bag Laps will receive awards

Heavy Bag Weight

  • X Warrior Heavy Bags are approximately 40lbs

The Heavy Bag Lap delivers everything you need to test your limits and more. This isn’t just a battle of strength; it is a battle of spirit. Enlist now – victory can be yours.

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