Group Incentive Program – New for 2018!

They say there is strength in numbers right?  Well with X Warrior in 2018, there are also serious perks!  Free event clothing, free compression arm sleeves, private team refuelling tents and more.  For those looking to tackle this year’s course with a group, we’ve got your back.

Here is how it works.  Ready?  Follow closely…

Step 1 – Commit to being awesome in 2018

Step 2 – Register & Start a team on our registration platform (super easy to do)

Step 3 – Invite friends, family, coworkers, teammates to join the team

Step 4 – BOOM.  Incentives enroute!

2018 X Warrior Team Incentives for your entire team!

5+ Team Members – Free Race Buffs & 25% Off Future Boneyard Team Challenge event booking!

10+  Team Members  – Free Bag Drops & Free Tickets to Official Post Race Party! (And all the above)

15+ Team Members – Free Compression Arm Sleeves! (And all the above)

20+ Team Members – Private Team Fueling Pop Up Tent! (And all the above)

Don’t delay.  This is a limited time offer. Register today, enlist the crew & celebrate together.
Post race beers always taste better with friends.

*Team Incentive program applies to teams registered for Stadium or Wilderness Sprints.
*Team Incentive milestones include total number of paid Open, Competitive or Titan registrations on team.
*Program Incentives apply to all Team participants registered 30 days prior to event date.

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